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Our Story

During the pandemic it became difficult for everyone to meet with their therapists. As a result, mental health greatly declined. This, alongside social isolation, lacking a routine, illness and bereavement, all affected emotional well-being. We started MetaPsych Mental Health Clinic as an exclusively online psychotherapy and diagnostic screening assessment service as a way to bypass all of the barriers associated with the pandemic. Since then, we have consolidated our psychological skill sets and expanded our online team. 

In January 2022, we offered the worlds first NFT mental health clinic in the metaverse, where you can buy our NFT’s and get online therapy with globally accredited therapists. We also developed revolutionary VR therapy in the metaverse- which brings meeting with your therapist in a virtual world, right to the comfort of your living room. We regularly collaborate with NFT artists and metaverse experts to bring new and exciting services to the real world. 

Today, MetaPsych therapists are from different cultural backgrounds and specialise in different areas of therapy, to widen our approach as best we can and to offer a culturally diverse service. We understand it can be an anxious experience making first contact with a therapist. Therefore, to make this process as comfortable as possible, we offer FREE consultations with a therapist of your choice, so that you can choose who you would like to speak to. You are under no obligation to sign up. You can just have a chat and see how the conversation goes. Our therapists are multiple members of numerous psychological governing bodies to ensure we provide best services to clients. All our therapists adhere to strict code of ethics of multiple organisations so you can be assured of expert level services.  

We mint our MetaPsych NFT's on the Ethereum, Polygon, and ThunderCore blockchains. Our therapy NFT's are available to buy on OpenSea, OurSong, and Rarible. Note you will need a compatible wallet. We also have our own NFT collectables! Emotional Punks are a fixed set of 10,000 unique NFT collectibles promoting global awareness of mental health. Emotional Punks display different emotions and are designed by mental health professionals. 

Today, we offer up-to-date online and VR psychotherapy, including CBT, as well as psychoeducational assessments like IQ testing, autism assessments and ADHD testing. To find out exactly how you may benefit from psychotherapy, use our online booking system to book a free consultation. Our therapist will meet with you online or in VR and will provide you with a confidential and secure place to discuss your concerns and how psychotherapy can help you. You will need a Zoom account. You may be asked some questions regarding your experiences, but the conversation is 100% confidential.

Book a FREE consultation with us today. We hope to meet you!

Stefan - MetaPsych Mental Health Clinic Co-founder 

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Paying for therapy with MetaPsych helps to combat climate change- rest assured you are doing your part for tomorrows world!

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MetaPsych Founders

Learn more about the MetaPsych Mental Health Clinic founders

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Stefan Dalton PhD (Candidate) PCBT

Cognitive Behavioural Therapist & Researcher

Stefan Dalton is a UK accredited psychotherapist (SMACCPH), practitioner of cognitive behaviour therapy (PCBT), and international consultant of mental health. His preferred approached to therapy is evidence-based CBT in which he has specialist training, yet he also has training in other modalities. Stefan has 5 years clinical experience in private practice working with adult clients of Western and Eastern backgrounds. He specialises in working with mood disorder diagnoses and anxiety-type disorder diagnoses. Stefan has successfully treated depression, panic disorder, GAD, health anxiety, OCD and social anxiety. He is currently undertaking doctoral research in psychology where he is researching automatic emotion in psychopathology and novel therapeutic techniques. Novel research will soon be published in these areas. Stefan's research interests reside in clinical psychology and neuroscience, largely in the areas of automatic emotion processing and consciousness.

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Dr. Kwun Hei Chang PysD CPsychol

Clinical Psychologist

Kwun Hei is an UK accredited psychotherapist (FACCPH) and a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Practitioner. Kwun Hei is also a chartered member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and the Hong Kong Psychological Society (HKPS). Kwun Hei has more than 6 years of clinical experience and has provided counselling and assessment service for various Non-profit organisations, local and international schools in Hong Kong. Kwun Hei’s clients include children, teenagers and young adults with both Eastern and Western cultural background. Kwun Hei helps clients to deal with different mental and emotional problems, improving their ability to adapt and cope with problems in times of adversity, so that they can embrace various life experiences with calm and confidence. Kwun Hei has successfully treated clients with anxiety problems such as Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Panic Disorder, as well as emotional difficulties such as depression and school refusal.

About Us: Team Members

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We welcome all enquiries ranging from client treatment to therapist supervision enquires. We also welcome NFT collaboration enquiries and professional endeavours enquiries. Join us on our vision!

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