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Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy

50 minutes (per session) of VR Exposure Therapy in virtual environment.

  • 50 min
  • 200 British pounds
  • Virtual Environment

Service Description

You can meet with our therapists in a virtual environment. This brings meeting with your therapist in a virtual world, right to the comfort of your living room. Our virtual environments provide a new dimension to therapy being both engaging and therapeutic. Experience a groundbreaking approach to mental health treatment with Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy at MetaPsych Clinic. This innovative therapy method allows you to confront and overcome your fears and anxieties in a controlled, supportive, and immersive virtual environment, helping you to build resilience and experience lasting relief. Our therapists will guide you through the process. Step into a new reality and take positive strides toward mental well-being with our expert clinicians. Here you can use our online booking system to book your therapy sessions with our therapists. Note: we currently only offer this service via Meta Quest.

Contact Details

128 City Road, London, UK

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