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Video Game Developers

"NFTs are becoming extremely popular on the internet. More and more artists and creators are joining the metaverse and showing their arts of the world..." click the link from the full article

All Ages of Geek - MetaPsych Mental Health Clinic Review

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Urgent action needed for the mentally vulnerable

"The budget outlined great emphasis on improving the physical aspects of health in the young, elderly, and individuals with disabilities; improving facilities; raising public awareness of disease prevention and self-health management. But nothing was specifically mentioned to improve public awareness of mental health, which continues to take a back seat..."

by Stefan Dalton

Joint effort needed to help anxious, depressed students

by Kwun Hei Chang

"About 70.8 percent of 1,800 pupils from eight local secondary schools polled by the Department of Social Work at the Chinese University of Hong Kong between January and April said they had been victims of school violence, slightly higher than in the West and Asian regions..."

Are we doing enough to prevent suicide among young people?

by Stefan Dalton

"Conscious attention must be continuously given to prevent suicides in young people. What influencers are driving our children to such irrevocable end before they have had a chance to experience the world? Some insight has been granted through my own observations as a psychologist..."

Let us help those with mental health conditions

by Stefan Dalton

"The Hong Kong mental morbidity survey, a government funded study, suggests one in 10 individuals exhibit mental healthy symptoms that are likely to affect their daily lives..."

Being diagnosed with ADHD can be a blessing in disguise

by Kwun Hei Chang

"In most articles about ADHD, you can see words like “suffer’’, “we found a cure’’, “disorder’’, etc. Likewise, most parents in Hong Kong view ADHD as their worst enemy. They think that it must be the end of the world if their child has ADHD. But really, is that the case?..."

Give students less homework and more creative challenges

by Stefan Dalton

"Book-feeding our children from a young age is advised to promote Intelligence Quotient (IQ). The information being force-fed into our children is questionable, however. It overlooks critical aspects of learning such as independent thinking, decision-making and problem-solving. It is often belatedly discovered that these are the skills most valued in the workplace, where no successful CEO can do without them..."

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