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We mint our NFT's on Ethereum, Polygon, and ThunderCore

Purchase our NFT's and get therapy with globally accredited therapists. Check out our collectibles of 10,000 unique Emotional Punks each displaying unique emotions designed by mental health professionals! Say hi and message us on Instagram @metapsychclinic ...we may even gift you a free NFT Emotional Punk!

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Emotional Punks NFTs

Emotional Punks are a fixed set of 10,000 unique NFT collectibles promoting global awareness of mental health. Each Emotional Punk displays different emotions and are designed by mental health professionals. Trade them now on OpenSea!

NFT's: Portfolio

NFT Artist Collaborations


Uncle Joe helped us design our first therapy room in the metaverse.

我是房間窺探者Uncle Joe 

Uncle Joe有個隨意門,可以偷偷潛入別人的房間窺探。

Instagram: @unclejoe.arts
OurSong: @unclejoe

OpenSea: Link below

Uncle Joe X MetaPsych


This NFT collab can be redeemed for one session of online psychotherapy.

The Nude Rabbit is NFT art created by a digital content creator.

Oursong: @JAI1212

The Nude Rabbit X MetaPsych


Each collab Emotional Punks NFT can be redeemed for 1 Hater Snapback cap. 
(randomly selected by the Haters Snapback team)

Hater Snapback designs are inspired by everyday life, perfectly integrating lifestyle and fashion. 

Instagram: @hater.snapback


Hater Snapback X MetaPsych

MetaPsych NEW Logo.jpg

Coming soon.

Coming soon.

NFT's: Testimonials

Get Emotional Punks Here!

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Emotional Punks


Buy and sell our Emotional Punks! A collection of 10,000 unique NFT's each displaying unique emotions.

Therapy NFT's


Buy our NFT's for therapy with globally accredited therapists.

Emotional Punks


OurSong marketplace!

Therapy NFT's


Buy our special punks that are redeemable for therapy.

NFT's: Services


We strive to always provide affordable therapy services to individuals of all groups. If you would like to support us we are wholeheartedly thankful. You will even be gifted a free NFT which you can redeem for therapy! Just send us proof of your transaction to our Instagram.

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