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MetaPsych Mental Health Clinic's goal is to bring therapy into the new world. Being the world's first NFT mental health clinic in the metaverse, purchase our NFT's and get therapy with globally accredited therapists.

We are developing revolutionary VR therapy in the metaverse- this will bring meeting with your therapist in a virtual world, right to the comfort of your living room.

MetaPsych therapists are the psychotherapists of tomorrow, each are experts of mental health and have helped many clients overcome great emotional difficulties. Our therapists are carefully evaluated and assessed based on experience, success rate and up-to-date methods to ensure best practices for clients. 

Currently, we offer in-person and online psychotherapy & cognitive behavioural therapy services.

We collaborate with NFT artists and metaverse experts to bring new and exciting services to the real world. We mint our NFT's on the Ethereum, Polygon and ThunderCore blockchains. Our therapy NFT's are available to buy on OpenSea, OurSong, Crypto.com and Rarible. Note you will need a compatible wallet.

NEW! Buy and sell our NFT collectables! Emotional Punks are a fixed set of 10,000 unique NFT collectibles promoting global awareness of mental health. Emotional Punks display unique emotions and are designed by mental health professionals. 

We are currently looking to expand and add new therapists to our team. If you are are a therapist and are interested in bringing therapy to the metaverse, fill out the contact form below and send us a message! 

We offer exceptional services in the metaverse to clients!

Message us on Instagram and say hi @metapsychclinic ...we may even gift you a free Emotional Punks NFT!

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Paying for therapy with MetaPsych helps to combat climate change- rest assured you are doing your part for tomorrows world!





MetaPsych Co-founder & Psychotherapist

I am a bilingual psychologist currently practicing in Hong Kong. I carry out CBT, counselling and psychological assessment services for various Non-profit Organisations. In international and local schools, I assess developmental disorders, learning difficulties and behavioral and emotional problems in children and adolescents. I work with adults who are suffering from major depression, including adults with self-harm and suicidal behaviours. And adults with anxiety disorders, such as OCD.

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MetaPsych Co-founder & Psychotherapist

I am a British psychotherapist with extensive training in mental health classifications and treatments. My preferred approached to therapy is evidence-based CBT, yet I have training in psychotherapy, mindfulness and other modalities. I am taking clients who have a history of unipolar depression, and those experiencing anxiety-type disorders, such as panic disorder, GAD, health anxiety, OCD, and social anxiety. Within my PhD, I am researching new therapeutic techniques and novel emotion regulation strategies applicable to mood disorders.



For all enquiries we will respond within 24hours. Please fill in the subject of enquiry, i.e., therapy, NFT collab, etc. If you are are a therapist and are interested in joining our team of therapists, please email us directly at the email address below. We look forward to working with you.

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We strive to always provide affordable therapy to individuals of all groups. If you would like to support us we are wholeheartedly thankful. You will even be gifted a free NFT which you can redeem for therapy! Just show us proof of your transaction on Instagram.

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